Tuesday, May 19, 2009

After a long tiring day...

I have FINALLY finished review 216 pages of action research book!! Took me almost a week but i'm doing nonsense that drag my work :p Number one Procrastinator in the world :) Hehe oh anyway, today went to Seremban for Seminar Serantau came back around 6, go out in daylight and comeback at dawn..sounds like chicken daily routine heehe Tomorrow have to go again and the following day as well...i still don't really understand why we have to attend such seminar. How will it help in our study when we go there is just to listen and become the note-jotter? What is the point? The best part is we get to eat Sepuas-puasnya HAHA Oh ya, Chong Koko is coming back in another 3 weeks, am waiting for my souvenir (s) hehe and arrival of new life soon :) can't wait for that beautiful moment... ...

Friday, May 15, 2009

WowWee....Cheerleaders in WordChallenge :p

Heh, i realized that i was addicted to WordChallenge lately:) Well just finding ways to release the tense&forget about the sky-high assignments that made me harder-to-breathe when thinking about it!! So i went relaxing and punching the keyboard as fast as i could to ease the craziness that is haywiring in my brain :p Guess what, it really WORKS for me, i felt so much comfy and calmer after doing war-of-words:) err...war should be tiring right? But i'm just siting there and exercising my hands plus a little of speedo-brain to do the battle, so it's not tiring all all BUT FUN WHEN YOU MANAGE HIT HIGHER SCORE AND UPGRADE YOUR LEVEL EVERYTIME YOU PLAY :)

Anyway, it's Friday today, had a loooong day...have class in the morning, evening and then continue with meeting and came back to hostel around 6:30pm, took a shower and had dinner after that...didn't plan to go to Jie house for i truly understand myself that I'll devote my time watching drama series, talk nonsense with Jie, going out here and there...would love to do that But had some misunderstanding at home, i was blamed for something that i didn't do, didn't get the chance to do any explanation for the blame will always put on me :( don't understand why some people not giving chance to explain before blaming HATE THAT!! Crap, now i get upset already Arrrgghhh!!! So i'm not going bk there for awhile, pretend to be busy..eh in fact, im really really busy with lotsa assignments here, k! So better finish up my work early so that i can have a relaxing week next week :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain drops falling on my head...

Yeah it was raining heavily outside... I was siting in my new room (just shifted here 2days ago) all alone coz my roomie went to her sis house...was HOMESICK hehe There's no class today and tomorrow but i didn't go anywhere coz there are A LOT to do...Update Action Research Blog, do Book Review on Action Research, Review of 3 Article Journals on Action Research... It's all about Action Research that made me so crazy busy at them moment.I've already started reading the book and it seem like eternity to finish reading them :( crazy-dazey...due date is coming soon, 25/5 for the book and 26/5 for article journals...Hafta finish doing them this week or else i cannot imagine what will happen next week...as we'll be traveling up and down to Seremban-UKM for four consequent days...Must be very tired after the seminar and uncomfortable bumpy ride huhu

Bowling Craze!!

For the past two weeks, on every Wednesday, all of us are required to go for Bowling Practice that is part of the activity in Co-curriculum Management subject. There will be more activities to come such as swimming, archery, marathon and etc. So for now, everybody have fulfill the two times practice BUT this morning i read email in YahooGroup that come from our Co-curriculum Management Class Representative saying that we needed to do another Bowling Practice with 3 Games minimum as there will be a Competition that is schedule on 22nd May, 09..Which is NEXT FRIDAY?? Oh dear, it's going to be a HECTIC week because we'll be attending Seminar Serantau from 18/5/09 - 21/5/09 and i'm sure Dr.Ct will ask us to do Reflection Report, just like always... not forgetting the Resolution thingy that will be assigned to us during the Seminar...Headache Headache!!

Anyway, my friend managed to capture picture at Ampang Bowling Centre..(Grab this picture from AiHua's Blog :p )Here it is...

Look at the Colourful Bowling balls... They look so pretty in the picture :)Even though we can't be expert with just two times practice, but i can see that everyone is enjoying themselves, including me :)

I'm RockStar of Todays WordChallenge :) YAY

WooHooo....i'm so excited about this! It's been awhile i haven't exercise my typing skill&squeezing my brain to generate words in WORDCHALLENGE!! Was having breakfast and thinking of practicing my vocabulary skill to warm up my brain ... to my surprise i manage to beat TWO of my friends score and upgraded my level too ;) Hehe so excited :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HiewHiew :)

Miss this little devil ....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Best and Worst Brain Foods

Read this interesting article while eating breakfast...so thought of posting in my blog to share with everyone who happens to visit my page :)

By David Zinczenko, with Matt Goulding

If you want to make the right decisions in confusing times—Time to refinance? Explore a different career? Root for the singing spinster or the 12-year-old?—you need to pay special attention to what you eat. That’s right: Your grocery list can help with your to-do list. That’s because the right foods are a kind of clean-burning fuel for your body’s biggest energy hog: Your brain. A study in the Journal of Physiology makes the point that, though your brain represents only 2 percent of your body weight, it makes 20 percent of the energy demands on your resting metabolism.

On our new Eat This, Not That! Web site, we rounded up the best foods to munch on when you need a mental boost—and found studies that show, in fact, that you can be up to 200 percent more productive if you make the right eating choices. Stock up on these items to halt mental decline, jog your memory, sharpen your senses, improve your performance, activate your feel-good hormones, and protect your quick-witted sharpness, whether you’re 15, 40—or not admitting to any age whatsoever!

Drink This!: COFFEE

Fresh-brewed joe is the ultimate brain fuel. Caffeine has been shown to retard the aging process and enhance short-term memory performance. In one study, British researchers found that just one cup of coffee helps improve attention and problem-solving skills.


Ever heard of the concept “too much of a good thing”? If you OD on caffeine—too many cups, a jolt of caf from the late afternoon onward, a Red Bull cocktail—it can mess with your shuteye schedule. Sleep is reboot time for your mental computer, and you don’t want to mess with it.


Antioxidants in blueberries help protect the brain from free-radical damage and cut your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. They can also improve cognitive processing (translation: thinking). Wild blueberries, if you can find them, have even more brain-boosting antioxidants than the cultivated variety, so book that vacation in Maine now. The berries will ripen in July.


Here’s a cool tip: if your favorite berries are out of season, buy them frozen. The freezer locks in peak flavor and nutrients, so the berries’ antioxidant capacity is maxed out. Those pale, tough, and expensive off-season berries usually ripen on a truck, rather than on the bush, so they’re nutritional imposters compared to the real thing.

For more smart shopping tips, point your grocery cart to THIS story and learn how to pick the most delicious and nutritious while controlling your waistline!


If the Internal Revenue Service picks you for some up-close-and-personal auditing, you’ll want to be on your toes when they vet your deductions list. So put salmon or mackerel on the grocery list. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fishes are a primary building block of brain tissue, so they’ll amp up your thinking power. Salmon is also rich in niacin, which can help ward off Alzheimer’s disease and slow the rate of cognitive decline.


Not all fats are created equal: Beware foods high in saturated fats, which can clog blood vessels and prevent the flow of nutrients and blood to the brain. Ice cream is not a brain-health food.


The oil in the dressing will help slow down digestion of protein and carbs in the salad, stabilizing blood-sugar levels and keeping energy levels high. Build your salad on a bed of romaine and spinach for an added boost in riboflavin, and add chicken and a hard-boiled egg for more energizing protein.

For other tips on how to build the perfect salad, check out the Eat This, Not That! ultimate salad selector.


MIT researchers analyzed blood samples from a group of people who had eaten either a high-protein or a high-carbohydrate breakfast. Two hours after eating, the carb eaters had tryptophan levels four times higher than those of the people who had eaten protein. The tryptophan in turkey is one of the reasons you crawl off for an afternoon nap after Thanksgiving dinner. So watch what you gobble.


Scientists in Slovakia gave people 3 grams each of two amino acids—lysine and arginine—or a placebo, and asked them to deliver a speech. Blood measurements of stress hormones revealed that the amino acid-fortified guys were half as anxious during and after the speech as those who took the placebo. Yogurt is one of the best food sources of lysine; nuts pack loads of arginine.

Not That!: SODA

A study from the American Journal of Public Health found that people who drink 2½ cans of soda daily are three times more likely to be depressed and anxious, compared with those who drink fewer. So Mountain Dew is a Mental Don’t.


The scent of peppermint helps you focus and boosts performance, according to researchers. Need to reach Chicago before nightfall, and you’re stuck in traffic around Cleveland? One study found that peppermint makes drivers more alert and less anxious.

Not That!: CANDY

Sugary foods incite sudden surges of glucose that, in the long term, cause sugar highs and lows, leading to a fuzzy state of mind. So you’ll need to avoid all the attention-busting sugar bombs on this list of the 20 most sugar-packed foods in America.


Leafy greens—arugula, chard, spinach—are rich sources of B vitamins, which are key components on the assembly line that manufactures feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, a lack of B6 can cause nervousness, irritability, and even depression.


White chocolate isn’t chocolate at all, since it contains no cocoa solids. So it won’t stimulate the euphoria-inducing mood boosters like serotonin, as real chocolate does. Grab the real thing, the darker the better. More cacao means more happy chemicals and less sugar, which will eventually pull you down.


Flax is the best source of alphalinoleic, or ALA—a healthy fat that improves the workings of the cerebral cortex, the area of the brain that processes sensory information, including that of pleasure. To meet your quota, sprinkle it on salads or mix it into a smoothie or shake.

Not That!: ALCOHOL

This one’s obvious, but worth mentioning anyway. A drink or two can increase arousal signals, but more than that will actually depress your nervous system. This makes you sloppy, not sharp.

Confession of SHOPAHOLIC

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